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Animation is the perfect way to breathe life into your ideas and turn your websites and videos into an immersive experience. Our clients love the fact that we don’t need an overly detailed brief. We will get to know your brand like we know our own, and suggest animation ideas that align with your vision and meet your objectives. Through the medium of animation, your brand stories, expertise and selling points can be told in fun and engaging ways. No matter the message, we can ensure people engage, understand and act. We know that all three learning centres of the human brain are activated by animation, we can help you articulate your idea and turn it into a flawless animated film, website or app that is going to leave a lasting impression.

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Why use Otelli for Animations?

An Experienced Team

Within the team, we have multiple years experience in improving websites and video with animation. We love bringing our clients’ brand to life.

Creative Ideas

We have created multiple animations from scratch or from existing assets. Our clients love that we provide creative suggestions alongside their brief.

Branded Animation

Animations bring branded content and websites to life. This leads to a strong and powerful brand identity across platforms.

Editing Services

We edit all video and photography in-house. We can use advanced photoshop and editing styles to suit your branded video.

Otelli Animations

Website Animations

Animations are great for websites because they can convey key messages in an interesting and engaging way, while requiring little effort from the audience. Pages with a lot of text can put people off because it takes more time to get the message – if pictures speak a thousand words, then what about animations? Animating your text elements can also emphasise headers, which grabs the reader’s attention and ensures important points are not missed. Studies have demonstrated that animated content on web pages boosts conversions immensely (up to 80% in some cases!) Animated websites retain visitors for much longer as their attention is captured by the animation making your message more memorable.

Character Animations

Character animations are a fun and engaging way to express an idea, and they also provide the opportunity to strategically relate a character to your audience. They can be used to greatly improve the entertainment value of an otherwise dull explainer video, or to give life to a brand mascot who can connect with people directly. The accessibility of your message is enhanced through character animation because it can convey a message to groups of all ages, quickly and easily. It is directly engaging audiences because the viewer feels like they are being addressed and somewhat participating in the video instead of passively observing. Ever heard of the phrase “people sell to people?” Correctly used character animation can heavily influence purchase decisions.

Video Animations

Video animations can serve a variety of purposes in the digital marketing landscape, from educating customers about the benefits of a product/service, to furthering your brand awareness.  Animated video content will set you apart from your competition because it makes you appear professional, creative, and innovative.  Further to this, you can use it to really show off a product, UX design, or customer journey by visually leading your audience through a showcase of images. Google also loves animated video content, so including some on your website has the added bonus of increasing your visibility on the search engine and bringing in more traffic. 

3D Animations

Humans are highly visual dependent, so it makes complete sense that the better the visuals, the more effectively an idea can be sown into the brain. Regardless of industry, online articles and pages that include visuals for example, receive up to 94% more engagement. When 3D animations are used to promote products and services, sales are boosted dramatically. A recent study demonstrated that companies that used 3D animation to demonstrate their products saw a 40% increase in sales. 96% of B2B firms surveyed said they would include 3D animation in their marketing strategies in the future. We can create memorable and impactful scenes using 3D animation that will engage your audience, stir emotion and drive action.

Animation FAQs illustration

Animation FAQs

Do animations slow down a website?

We have decades of combined experience and we have refined our method over the many years we have been creating animated videos. We have helped a wide range of clients from a wide range of industries. You can trust us to produce something that you will be proud of, and we will be in touch with you every step of the way to ensure that this is the case. We take care in opttimising animations to improve your site speed and usability. 

Why should I have an animation on my website?

There are multiple benefits to having an animation on your website. For starters, Google deems animated content to be high-quality, and as a result ranks your website higher. Google labels it high-quality because people prefer animated content, it makes information more easily digestible and faster to comprehend.

How do I use animations effectively around my website?

If you include animations on important pages where you want to hold people’s attention, this will cause them to stick around longer and hopefully receive your message. You can also animate important textual elements that you don’t want readers to miss, like headings or contact buttons, or you can have an animated explainer video that breaks down the benefits of a product or service.

What are the Dos and Don’ts of Animation?


  • Guide the user by animating where to go and what to click.
  • Gradually reveal items to support storytelling.
  • Animate loading bars – everybody hates loading, make it interesting!

  • Fill the screen with too much animation, overdoing it can be off putting. 
  • Include pointless animations that don’t perform a task.
  •  Include large, imposing animations that forcefully grab attention, instead, be subtle. 

How do I start working in animations with Otelli?

You can begin by filling in our ‘Say Hello’ form or call us directly. One of our skilled and cheerful team members will have a provisional call to understand your industry, budget and goals. We’ll work out a roadmap and free trial to gain your business some lovely new customers.

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