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We love to create powerful brands for our clients. Whether your business is a start-up or more established, we work with clients to make a seamless brand for all marketing channels. We have built hundreds of brands across close to fifty different industries. Your brand is the core of all your marketing communications to ensure you connect emotionally and cognitively.

We work closely with clients to refine brands elements and apply them in marketing. Brand development can be a bit of a headache for our clients, but don’t worry! We work closely with you to make a defined brand voice and identity.

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Branded Illustration and Animation for client ‘Spacecraft’

Why use Otelli for your Branding?

An Experienced Team

Across the team, we have academic and industrial branding experience. We love to create powerful, seamless, customer-centric brands.

We love it!

We have built multiple brands from scratch or from existing assets. Branded theory and application comes naturally to us, we’d love to share it with you.

Branded Content

Engaging content requires video, photography and editing. We can provide these services to produce powerful branded content.

Branded Web Design

We integrate your brand across your website and sales channels. This ensures, customers who love your brand, love your website content and graphics too.

Otelli Brand Marketing

Branded Illustrations and Logos

At Otelli Marketing, we believe in the original. That’s why, when we make an authentic new or existing brand we start from scratch. Our skills include drawing logo designs from scratch using research, creative and client input to produce a series of logos and illustrations to choose from. We can incorporate, draw and design ANYTHING in multiple styles. No brief is too adventurous for us. We’ve designed hundreds of global logos and brands. If you’re thinking about starting branding work with us, prepare for compliments and engagement from customers and employees alike.

Branding Theory

We have brand experts in-house with a deeper understanding of branding than just your vision or core brand values. We’ll cover everything from your brand promise at top level to positioning, unique offering, emotional and cognitive attributes, culture, self image, personality and reflections. This informs your marketing communications, ensuring you’re not only portrayed correctly but reflect correctly to your target market.

Creative Brand Guidelines

A brand is more than just a logo. It’s typography, image styling, illustrations, animations, content and tone of voice. Each branded article should fit the bill completely. Wherever your brand goes from manufacturing or supply to delivered to your customer. Your brand must be strong, consistent and rememberable. We produce brand guidelines to protect your brand from alterations and inconsistency. There is incredible value in this when taking your brand across the country or globe. Your brand is your identity and must be protected. If you want to take your branding to the next level, come Say Hello.

Brand Tone of Voice

Content writing is an Otelli Marketing speciality with in-house support who can put imagery and intangible brand elements into words for your target market. We’ll research, guide and advise on how to entertain, engage and promote your business within a singular brand voice. Throughout our branding process, we’ll conduct research of competition to keep you one step ahead, identifying friction points and incorporating branding tactics to maintain or clinch top spot.

Say Hello

We'd love to hear from you! No matter your business size, industry or budget, we'd be glad to make an appointment at your earliest convenience.

The Otelli Team