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Insurance is a competitive industry, even more so than retail banking and other financial niches. Additionally, insurance is the kind of market in which consumers don’t really mind who their provider is, as long as the price is reasonable. For this reason, the insurance company that invests heavily in digital marketing and gets their name in front of potential customers most frequently is typically the most successful. In this post, we will discuss how you can enhance your digital marketing efforts through PPC, SEO and your website to ultimately drive more engagement and sales for your insurance company.

Chapter One: How do I get more Insurance Leads From PPC?

PPC is at the core of most strong digital marketing strategies as it offers a fantastic ROI when used effectively. Using this marketing method the advertiser only pays a fee to the publisher when someone clicks on their ad, meaning that you only pay when your advert actually reaches someone. This approach is massively superior to traditional, untargeted forms of advertising where you pay the publisher to display your ad even to people who aren’t interested. 

To start generating more leads from PPC there are various approaches you can take, one of which is to focus on enhancing the copy that is displayed as the ad text. Because characters are limited and the ad must persuade people to take action, powerful, concise and professionally written copy is imperative. Other things to consider are the visuals used on ads, the publisher you are using, your budget and your targeting settings. To ensure that your PPC campaign is performing the best it possibly can, delegating the responsibility of designing and managing the campaign to a specialist marketing firm is the smartest move. 

Chapter Two: How do I get More Insurance Leads From SEO?

SEO is another contemporary approach to marketing that achieves businesses some great results at a fair cost, sometimes even for free. This method involves designing a content strategy around relevant topics and focus keywords and then distributing the content across relevant channels. 

This achieves multiple things, but primarily it raises your brand awareness and generates a flow of traffic to your website. Also, the people that land on your website could potentially be interested in your services, as evidenced by the fact that they read your finance-related article. 

Chapter Three: How To Get More Insurance Leads From Your Website

Your website is your main tool for capturing leads. All of your other marketing approaches culminate with your prospect arriving on your website. Your content strategy will bring people to one of your landing pages and so will your PPC campaign, therefore, it is essential to have the right measures in place on your website so that you are ready to capture leads for your finance company. 

Much can be said for the copywriting that is present on your website, as persuasive copy is one of the most powerful motivators in encouraging people to do things. To maximise your lead generation though, you need to ensure all of the elements of your website are working towards the common goal of capturing a lead.

For example, the UX and UI, which are the User Experience and User Interface, can be optimised to ensure the customers interaction with your website is easy, useful and enjoyable. But these can also be optimised to encourage users to take certain actions. Combine this with some cleverly worded and strategically positioned writing and you could have a powerful lead generation tool on your hands.

For help with PPC, SEO or turning your website into an efficient lead capturing machine, reach out to us today and we can help you get started.

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