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Graphic Design

We can create flawless graphic designs of infinite variation. We have put the most advanced design software on the market in the hands of our esteemed artists in order to provide our clients with the most stunning graphics. Whether you need logo designs, website graphics, images or anything else, we can literally draw and digitise anything. Our designs are also fuelled by hours of creative thinking and we don’t just produce empty visuals. You can rest assured that our designs are but the tip of an iceberg – beneath the surface is an intelligent strategy that considers how your designs align with your brand and further your business objectives.

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Why use Otelli for graphic design?

We can draw ANYTHING

We have skilled artists who can adapt and improve your brief. We are capable of drawing anything in any style, to be anything. 

Infinite Variation

The renowned artistic talent of our team combined with cutting-edge design software means we are capable of producing designs of infinite variation.

Branding Specialists

We are branding experts with extensive knowledge of graphic design. We know how to attract attention and hold it.

Graphic Design Research

We don’t rely solely on our natural flair for design. Our work is informed by advanced consumer psychology responses and research.

Otelli Graphic Design

Logo Design and Brand Guidelines

Our logos perform excellently for our clients because they do much more than look pretty. We will first get to know your brand on a deep level, then conceptualise a logo design that will serve as a powerful symbol, one that is highly-distinctive and aligned with your brand identity, all compacted into a simple and effective design. A logo is a mark of identity designed to promote recognition and they spearhead a company’s branding and marketing efforts. We have decades worth of combined experience with logo design and logos designed by Otelli are guaranteed to make you stand out in the market.

Print Media

We can design striking booklets, posters, brochures, adverts and other forms of print media in your brand colours that are going to leave a lasting impression on your customers. It is difficult to hold the attention of readers nowadays when it comes to print media, as they are used to seeing highly stimulating moving images on screens. Print media by Otelli might just be the only print media in the world that can compete against digital media because we use design techniques that stimulate aesthetic senses and create a sense of connection.  Checkout our print media booklet completed for Yamaha.

Website Graphics

Otelli can create website graphics that impact your users and keep their gaze on the page. By designing and implementing website graphics that are on the same level of quality as those used by Silicon Valley tech giants, we can take your website to a whole new level. Visual appeal is vital to web design, and by putting the right graphics in the right places, we can create a perception of professionalism, boost usability and increase your overall brand value. Grab the attention of your website’s visitors with graphics and while they are receptive, communicate your message to them and lead them towards conversion.


Packaging is another opportunity to build and market your brand. We can create memorable and enticing packaging designs that draw the gaze of onlookers, creating a window of opportunity in which a purchase can take place and leaving a lasting impression in their imaginations. Packaging designs by Otelli give power and presence to products, distinguishing your brand from competitors, compelling attention from customers and ultimately resulting in more sales. As is always the case when working with us, our design decisions are made by experts and informed by the best data to ensure that we are aligned with your brand mission.

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