What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is a strategy to bring customers to you. We obtain a customer profile, (Name, Email, Phone Number) of those interested in your services, from advertising. We generate leads using social media and search engine platforms. We look to direct a sales funnel from a platform to generate custom for your business.

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Why use Otelli Lead Generation?

Leads are Yours Alone

We do not re-sell leads to multiple clients. All our pages show unique client leads to generate specific data for your company drive future sales.

Quality Customer Leads

We aim to produce quality leads of customers who are genuinely interested in your business from a range of channels.

Data-driven Tactics

We work with you to improve conversion rates and use data-driven techniques to constantly improve your results.


You only pay for genuine leads received. There are no variable PPC (Pay-per-Click) costs and no risks to you. We do listen to client pricing propositions as well.

Quality leads delivered in November

Our clients love us!

We know how to deliver regular leads for our clients. We’ve worked in multiple industries including; Broadband, Wills, Insurance, Healthcare and Law.

Our clients love that they choose the number of leads they receive. This ensures they have time to effectively nurture new customers.

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