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Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is one of our industry’s latest innovations, rapidly growing in popularity particularly where technology is concerned. In modern-day automation, we’re not just talking about scheduling your email marketing or social media content. It’s now possible to take your users through the entire buyer’s journey in an automated way.

Marketing Automation requires a combination of our services, and we are more than happy to walk you through the process. The objective is to create a sales funnel where customers are acquired, converted, and continually nurtured to maximise their value to your business. Marketing Automation allows you to massively scale your customer base without unnecessarily expending resources on more staff or manually repeating marketing tasks.

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Why use Otelli for Marketing Automation?


We can automate a varied use of Pay-per-Click, Social Media Advertising, E-mail Marketing and SEO. We analyse these channels frequently, to provide data-driven results.

Social Media

We work with you to improve conversion rates and use data-driven techniques to constantly improve your results.

Web Design

We repeatedly analyse, track and heat map customer movements. This indicates customer’s desired journey which can be aligned on your website.

Customer Lifetime Value

We develop clients’ customer journeys from awareness to commerce followed by retention and development to increase your customer-lifetime-value.

Otelli Marketing Automation Services

Advertising Automation

Automated advertising is clever advertising especially when using smart traffic. We can automate a varied use of Pay-per-Click, Social Media Advertising, E-mail Marketing and SEO. By automating the steps between marketing and sales, you are cutting costs and saving time that you could otherwise be spending on enhancing your overall strategy and nurturing promising leads. By frequently analysing these channels, we can gather a detailed picture of your potential consumer’s behaviour patterns and adjust our approach according to the data to achieve results. Advertising automation has been shown to increase sales productivity by around 14% while simultaneously reducing marketing overheads by 12%.

Social Media Automation

By automating your social media, you can improve your online presence by creating content and scheduling posts in advance. The data that we gather through the automation process allows us to understand what is working for you and what isn’t to optimise your content and post in line with what is showing results. With the time you save, you can focus more on engaging with your audience – let the robots do the boring stuff, and you focus on the human interaction with your customers. This is effective for growing your social media following, raising brand awareness, and increasing your conversion rate.

Web Design Automation

We repeatedly analyse, track and heat map customer movements on websites to reveal their desired journey throughout a user interface. This highlights trends and patterns that we can replicate on your website to create a user-friendly experience. Web design automation also enhances your e-commerce platform by targeting people with a personalised message if they leave an item in their basket without purchasing. For example, it could be used to apply gamification to your website, which is the process of applying elements of a game to your web design, like point scoring, competition and rewards, to ultimately provoke an action that achieves your marketing objective.

Customer Lifetime Value

Customer Lifetime Value is a metric that represents how much value a customer has for a company over a period of time. We develop our clients’ customer journeys from awareness to commerce, followed by retention and development to increase customer lifetime value. Focusing on your customer lifetime value is essential for your company’s long-term growth, as it helps you retain valuable customers, increase the value of less valuable customers and improve the customer journey as a whole. We can help you understand your CLTV so that moving forwards, you can make informed marketing decisions that will increase your profitability and reduce sales costs.

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Marketing Automation FAQs

What is marketing automation?

In basic terms, marketing automation is the use of software to automate marketing tasks. Marketing automation is a subset of digital marketing that involves growing and nurturing your leads through the sales funnel by using highly targeted and automated messaging. It also produces tonnes of valuable data that we then use to improve your marketing.

Will automation increase my profit?

Automation increases profit because it results in more leads being created by spending fewer resources. As with most technology, it’s about improving the efficiency of a process. ​​Marketing automation increases sales productivity by as much as 14.5%.

If my company is small, can I still use automation?

Absolutely. These tools work for businesses of all sizes.

Do I need automation if I already have auto-responders?

Auto-responders are extremely limited and pale in comparison to more complex forms of automation. Automation offers a level of personalisation that an auto-responder could never achieve in a million years because you have to manually program autoresponders.

How can I get started with marketing automation with Otelli?

You can begin by filling in our ‘Say Hello’ form or call us directly. One of our skilled and cheerful team members will have a provisional call to understand your industry, budget, and goals. We’ll work out a roadmap and free trial to gain your business some lovely new customers.

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