Marketing Automation

Even the most defined brands require Marketing Automation. This is the ability to automate sales channels with a consistent tone of voice, also known as IMC (Integrated Marketing Communications). Marketing Automation requires a combination of our services. The objective is to create a sales funnel where customers are acquired, converted and nurtured to maximise their value to your business.

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Otelli Marketing Automation Services


We can automate a varied use of Pay-per-Click, Social Media Advertising, E-mail Marketing and SEO. We analyse these channels frequently, to provide data-driven results.

Social Media

We work with you to improve conversion rates and use data-driven techniques to constantly improve your results.

Web Design

We repeatedly analyse, track and heat map customer movements. This indicates customer’s desired journey which can be aligned on your website.

Customer Lifetime Value

We develop clients’ customer journeys from awareness to commerce followed by retention and development to increase your customer-lifetime-value.

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