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Maximising Pay-per-Click Budget

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What is maximising pay-per-click budget and why should you care about it?

We can manage your campaign carefully and strategically to ensure that we are getting the most out of your budget and boosting your profitability. Even without a huge budget, we can ensure that your PPC campaign will be effective. We focus on increasing your ROAS (Return On Ad Spend) by running with campaigns that show an optimal balance between low-cost and high-conversion rates. We also consider how campaigns work together as parts of a sales funnel, as you might want to build awareness with social media ads then retarget with lead generation ads. We always consider the bigger picture so as not to eliminate an ad that seems like it’s not performing but is actually working in cooperation with other ads. Our strategies are informed by many years worth of experience.

We will study your target audience and use the most relevant and up-to-date information to decide upon the best way to reach them. By selecting the right advertising platform for your business and your objectives, such as LinkedIn for B2B lead generation, we can be sure that we are running the ad where it is most likely to succeed and accurately targeting the audience. Search Engine Optimisation plays a role in our PPC ad management and further helps to get the most out of a budget because it increases the visibility of your ad. We can use your list of keywords if you have one, or we can do the research ourselves to identify the best keyword options that are achievable within a particular budget. By also doing negative keyword research, we can be absolutely sure that we are avoiding terms that prevent your ad from being displayed. 

Not only do we do all this to maximise the effectiveness of your ad campaign and extract the most value from your budget, but we also write high-performing ad copy as well. Whatever you do to optimise your ad, without good copywriting, people won’t be motivated to click on it. Our professional writers can craft exceptional ad copy that considers behavioural psychology and employs direct-response copywriting to ensure that the advert is engaging, compelling and contains a powerful call-to-action. We also perform split testing, which tests the effectiveness of two great ideas for ad copy to see which one is better while eliminating human bias – as writers always love their own idea!. This way, we don’t have to rely solely on our awesome copywriting skills and we can actually predict outcomes reliably based on our highly scientific methods of experimentation. 

If you would like us to help you maximise your PPC budget, you can reach out by filling in our ‘Say Hello’ form or calling us directly. One of our skilled and cheerful team members will have a provisional call to understand your industry, budget, and goals. We’ll then work out a roadmap that includes a free trial and then start gaining your business some lovely new customers.

Interested in gaining more customers? Say Hello

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