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Web Design, Branding, Photography/Film, Video

1.0 Background

Alphabet Transcription Specialists are a market leader in the transcription industry with a national presence. They have been operating for over 25 years and are extremely knowledgeable in multiple industries. They desired a rebrand and website update that would impress all prospecting clients.

2.0 Logo Design and Rebrand

We began by producing logo design concepts (seen in the gallery below). The client desired to move away from unanimous purple on the previous website to warmer, professional colours. A core value of Alphabet is its passion and energy, so we had to incorporate this into its logo. From there, we developed colours, typography and design elements that can be seen across the site.

3.0 Website Design

Due to SEO, it was essential we kept the content developed by Alphabet over the years. This meant we had to get pretty clever with breaking up content sections. We styled pages with custom animations and illustrations to highlight key messages.¬† Additionally, we sourced and editing imagery to create an Alphabet ‘asset bank’ for their future content.

4.0 Video Work

Alphabet desired a ‘Video Explainer’ which, in short, is who they are and what they do. We provided a suitable voice and music before filming in our photography studio. We thought Alphabet would benefit from a branded animation to introduce themselves to prospects on their homepage. You can watch both of these videos below.

Logo Design / Branded Elements

Original Logo Ideas
Alphabet transcription specialists logo designs
Final Logo (altered text)
Alphabet Transcription Specialists
Branded Site Animations/Elements
All alphabet icons and animations

Website Design Comparison

Feel free to slide to your heart’s content!

New Design

After finalising logos and brand elements, we begin to implement the design on site. See more using the website link above!

Transcription Steps New Alphabet Audio Transcription Old
Original Design

You can see what a difference the new design has made. Content, imagery and branded elements break up the text sections.

Video / Animation  Work

Alphabet’s Video Explainer (music and voice provided)
Alphabet’s Homepage Animation Video (muted)

Image Gallery