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Web Design, Branding, Illustration

1.0 Background

Clear Will is an innovative company providing Wills, LPA and Property Trusts to the British public. They are second to none in online customer service and process. They desired a new website that was friendly and informative.

2.0 Web Design

Clear Will provided structure, navigation and content. We created a new branded design that was colourful, friendly and appealing to their prospects. It is predominantly a lead generation and information site, so we built accordingly.

3.0 Branding

The client desired branding that incorporated family, home and peace. We used colours that followed this sentiment green, deep blue, and soft yellow for the call to action. Our designers used illustration to create branded elements (seen in the gallery below).

4.0 Custom Illustrations

The objective of the illustrations was to inform and support content, customer journey processes and explanations. You can see some requested cartoon characters and elements that the client has used since in advertisements.

Illustration Gallery