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Web Design, Branding, Illustration, Animation

1.0 Background

Cosite is a construction site technology company that specialises in Digital Signage, CCTV Access Control and Site Connectivity. They desired a website that engaged the user to read about their services with animations.

2.0 Logo Design and Rebrand

We began by producing web design concepts with engaging imagery (seen in gallery below). The client desired to have an interactive website that demonstrated core values and engaged the user. We used a flattering, modern colour pallette with dark colours with fluxes of red, yellow and purple for each service. This binded their positioning between construction and technology.

3.0  Animated Website Design

As mentioned, animation was really important in bringing this site to life. If you don’t know much about animation it’s definitely worth checking out our Animation page. We edited imagery (client photos and stock) to align with the site design and be more engaging. If you’re looking for quite a simple but interactive site on a budget this is a great example for you.

“Can't fault the experience I had with James and Aaron at Otelli, fantastic service and excellent results. Our new site looks great.”

Kane WhitlockManaging Director
Concept 1
Concept 2

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