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Lead Generation, Pay-per-click, Advertising, Social Media

1.0 Background

Damsons are one of our regular lead generation clients. They have a will writing service that requires customer enquiries. We have produced, adverts on social media, online forms, and advertorials to provide regular quality leads. We designed a process to optimise customer conversions for the client using a form, advertorial and advertising.

2.0 Lead Generation Form

Customer enquiries are generated through a form. Customers answer simple questions to direct them to the client best suited to them. For example, Damsons particularly desired customers over 50. Using our form, we could divide leads between clients into attributes.

3.0 Advertorial

A unique Otelli lead generation tactic is to build an advertorial to optimise lead quality. This is an article written by an industry expert, that directs customers to the form. Firstly, an advertorial is a safe space for potential customers to learn more. In this case, understand why they should have a will. This massively increases customer interest before reaching the form and therefore improves lead quality.

4.0 Pay-per-Click Ads on Social Media

We produce targeted pay-per-click ads on Facebook, Twitter and Google for Damsons. We constantly analyse, improve and monitor ad and page performance to maximise lead quality for the client.