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Branding, Web Design, Animation

1.0 Background

Explore Business Finance provides a lender for all businesses that require a loan, lease, vehicle or operating as a merchant. When they reached out to us, they were a start-up with no branding, website or Google presence.

2.0 Branding and Logo Design

We began the project by designing multiple branding options based on desired colours, whilst taking inspiration from the market. We created a simple, recognisable logo that was both corporate and welcoming to clients. In comparison to competitors, clients loved there branding behind the service. It reflects the business model perfectly by illustrating starting a finance conversation.

3.0 Website Design

We built a website that was simple, but effective in terms of design. It fit the customer perfectly by being easy to navigate. We branded imagery and short videos to give a seamless effect on site. Navigation through the site is simple with an emphasis on Explore’s unique selling points and calls to action. It is expertly mobile optimised. We believe that the simplicity and straightforward design (compared to competitors) are responsible for the vast number of form enquiries received.

4.0 Content Writing

Our contact at Explore did provide a lot of content to which go on the site. We worked closely with them to improve information architecture. This is the ability to display information effectively. We used animation to access new space effectively and increase readability.