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Animated Portfolio Website

Services Provided

Web Design, Branding, Logo Design, Animation

1.0 Background

Moores are a construction, architecture and project management firm based in Surrey. They desired an interactive website to showcase their previous work and generate enquiries. Below you can see some original concepts and logo options that influenced the final website design.

2.0 Logo Design and Rebrand

We began by producing web design concepts with engaging imagery (seen in the gallery below). The client desired to have an interactive website that demonstrated their impressive work. We used a flattering, modern colour palette with dark colours with fluxes of purple. This assisted their positioning between project management, construction and architecture.

3.0  Animated Website Design

We used Moores’ imagery to provide the site with flair. Often using interactive click boxes, hover colours and colour overlays to reinforce the branding. Headings, imagery and dividers are animated to draw attention to content for the user.

Website Design Comparison

Feel free to slide to your heart’s content!

New Design

After finalising logos and brand elements, we begin to implement the design on-site. See more using the website link above!

Original Design

You can see what a difference the new design has made. Content, imagery and branded elements break up the text sections.

Concept 1
Concept 2