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As featured in “The Best Beauty Product Logo Designs by DesignRush
1.0 Background

On Top Skin Care is a business that produces and sells products for men losing their hair, to stop irritation and care for the skin.

2.0 Logo Design

To start off this design process we need to create the perfect logo to fit the brand. We started by doing extensive research and plenty of mockups. The logo needed to be professional and clean. Our client liked the idea of an illustrated bald man to represent who the brand is really targeted at, they also liked the idea of a black and white colour palette.

3.0 Web Design 

Our client asked for a clean and professional looking website that could showcase their products, and was readable and easy to navigate for shoppers.

4.0 Packaging Design

To build this brand even more we designed the packaging for all products being sold, to do this we needed to feature the new logo as the main element as well as a similar colour palette and keep that clean and professional look consistent throughout the brand,

5.0 Social Media & Photography

After all that hard work the fun was about the start, we created a range of professional photo edits and video assets for our clients to show on their social media accounts. We and our clients wanted their social media to reflect their website so we kept them professional and clean.