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Photography, Social Media

1.0 Background

Playermaker is an innovative football performance tracking platform. A smart motion sensor on a player’s boots, records insights on technical, tactical, physical, load and gait analysis, for the players and coaching staff. We were hired for a photography and editing job.

2.0 Photography

The client wanted a range of photography, showing all levels of football. In some shots below you can see grass root and street football photography. Our cameras are able to capture blinks of movement well, making our photography incredibly sharp.

3.0 Editing

Below our short gallery is an example of editing talent from our creative team. The dramatic photography style demonstrates the reasoning behind the product. A subtle reminder to young footballers why they should use Playermaker – to make it on the big stage. This is an example of how we can edit photos for a brand’s purpose or vision.

4.0 Social Media Content

We edited the majority of photos in a colour scheme and style similar to Playmaker’s current style. This led to an aesthetically pleasing social media profiles for customers to enjoy.

Before Editing
After Editing