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Branding and Website

Services Provided

Branding, Web Design, Photography, Data Analytics

1.0 Background

Raan Group is made up of Victoria London Consultants and Raan Advisories. We built the Raan Group brand as an umbrella for both companies. We produced a  website for VLC in the Raan Group’s new branding.

2.0 Branding

Our client desired their brand to have a sleek and premium identity. We offered multiple typography styles, colours and designs to choose from. After setting brand guidelines, we began building their website.

3.0 Website Build

The client desired a simple, sleek website that generated enquiries with a successful customer journey. We produced customer-friendly forms, that send a direct enquiry to relevant team members.

4.0 Photography

We photographed the team, in Raan Group’s branding style. We used a backdrop and grayscale editing tones to produce a clean and professional look.

Otelli Marketing working with Raan Group on Webdesign,Photography.