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Brand build and Video

Services Provided

Branding, Video, Animation, Illustration

1.0 Background

Spacecraft is a creative design and experiences company that wanted to stand out from competitors with an exciting brand with sharp elements. They use specialist design technology to produce exciting creatives. We built their brand and the accompanying video for their website coming soon.

2.0 Branding

We built an exciting brand revolving around futuristic and advanced technologies with specific brand elements. You can see in the gallery below, the key figure is the Spaceman, but the unique element is the ‘A’ as a rocket icon.

2.1 Branding (cont)

The rocket became extremely prominent a brand that can be identified with a singular icon that are extremely recognisable. Think about Starbucks, McDonald’s, Pepsi, Apple etc they all have a small recognisable icon. We can achieve this for your brand!

3.0 Video Creation

The elements you see in the video were all illustrations by hand, brought to life using animation techniques. We can create branded videos from a piece of paper. Our clients love that there are absolutely no boundaries to drawn elements. For most of our videos, like Spacecraft, we sourced music and sound.