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Web Design and Content Support

1.0 Background

Staverton Consulting came to us needing a website redesign. They desired professional and sleek-looking with easily digestible content to explain their thorough consulting processes.

2.0 Website Design

We began by producing different website design concepts. The client wanted to stick with their already existing brand and colours. Staverton Consulting wanted the website to be informative, and easy to navigate to improve enquiries via the website. We used simple animations and carefully selected stock imagery to bring the content to life.

3.0 Content Support

Otelli worked collaboratively with Staverton Consulting to ensure that the content within the website was informative and succinct, ensuring keywords were included for SEO purposes.

4.0 Case Studies

The client was keen to have a page to show their high-quality case studies, showcasing their unique and thorough processes for each individual client case study. We designed these pages to show Staverton Consulting’s Objectives, Approaches and Results in an engaging and digestible manner.

Website Design Comparison

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New Design (left)
Original Design (right)

UI Design Comparison

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Original Design (right)
New Design (left)
Concept 1
Concept 2
Concept 3
Concept 4