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Print, Advertising, Design, Photography

Services Provided

Print, Advertising, Design

1.0 Background

Yamaha Music London is a unique musical retail store that hits all the right notes! Yamaha released a custom instrument range which required a brochure for internal and external distribution.

2.0 Brochure Design

We designed their brochure in a classic, baroque theme to suit the inspiration behind the Bosendorfer Schonbrunn grand piano. This involved unique typography and fine detail. Aesthetics are critical to our print success and Yamaha London was extremely pleased with the outcome.

3.0 Photography

The gallery below shows some of our creative photography work. We were challenged with showing naturalistic elements incorporated into the page design.

4.0 Content

Post-printing we designed assets and photographed teasers for Yamaha Music to use as content. The content was feed breaking with beautiful tones that enhanced the product and brand.

Otelli Marketing working with Yamaha