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Search Engine Lead Generation

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What is search engine lead generation and why should you care about it?

Search engines provide a fantastic opportunity to gather leads, Google’s lead form extensions, for example, are designed to enable businesses to gain leads directly from the search results page when using mobile. Through this method, you can start pulling potential customers into your marketing funnel when they search for your keywords or a product or service that you provide, so you know the leads are high-quality based on their browsing activity. Because Google attracts the highest amount of traffic out of any website globally, with over 86.5 billion monthly visitors, understanding why it is so popular for lead generation purposes is a no-brainer.

But how does Google’s lead form extension work exactly? Well, their purpose is to attract potential customers with a simple call-to-action in a responsive form under an advert. When the advert is clicked, the user’s details automatically populate a form that they must submit. This saves the user time and effort and significantly increases the likelihood of them handing over their information to a business. Because most Google traffic comes from mobile, the lead form extension is optimised for mobile experience. It doesn’t require any effort from the company to make the form responsive. 

The form can also be customised easily to suit the marketing goals of your business or campaign, along with the option to integrate the form with your CRM or email software, so you can quickly and easily follow up on leads after they sign up. They also generate high-quality leads because the users have already been identified as being in the market. For them to have seen your ad in the first place, they would have had to enter something on Google that is relevant to your offering. You can also use Google’s conversion tracking tool to really enhance the power of your sales funnel. 

We at Otelli are experts at creating successful lead generation campaigns on search engines. We use our marketing expertise combined with advanced data analytics to create campaigns that perform excellently. Along with our ability to maximise the efficiency of ads and get you the absolute most from your budget, which ensures your ad has maximum visibility, we can then attach lead forms that pull people into the sales funnel for you to follow up on and bring them to the buying stage.  After the campaign has been launched, we continue to collect and analyse data to adjust and improve the campaign based on its real-time performance.

If you would like us to help you get started with search engine lead generation, you can reach out by filling in our ‘Say Hello’ form or calling us directly.  One of our skilled and cheerful team members will have a provisional call to understand your industry, budget, and goals. We’ll then work out a roadmap that includes a free trial and then start gaining your business some lovely new customers.

Interested in gaining more customers? Say Hello

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