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Content Creation

We specialise in creative content development to boost engagement on your social media profiles. Our team is experienced in branding and customer engagement whilst able to create spectacular content for your business. Engaging content can feature in your social media with organic (free) content and paid advertising. This fulfils customer exposure goals within your budget.

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Why use Otelli for your Social Media?

An Experienced Team

Across the team, we have academic and industrial social media experience in generating awareness, engagement and commerce.

Creative Content

Engaging content requires video, photography and editing. Alongside account management, we can produce powerful branded content for your business.

Consistent Reporting

Regular reporting is essential to improve your stats. We report weekly in measurables e.g. Sales, Followers, Likes and Engagements.

Advanced Software

We are able to run multiple accounts using one software platform where we schedule, analyse and track social media posts.

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