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UX and UI Design

UI and UX are critical components of your web apps success as they focus on user satisfaction. They are the determining factor in making or breaking your customer base. UI is concerned with how things look in terms of design and branding. In contrast, UX focuses on usability, ease of navigation and the overall customer journey. Optimising these is no longer an option for businesses but a necessity. Today, so many websites offer good-looking and brilliantly flowing user experiences that businesses neglecting UI and UX simply cannot compete with. We are highly trained in both areas and we can guarantee that working with us to enhance your UI and UX will achieve you results. 

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UI & UX Design

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Why use Otelli for UX & UI?

Experienced in Apps

We have built multiple apps from scratch or from existing assets. UX psychology comes naturally to us, we’d love to share it with you.

Graphic Design

We excel in UX illustrations and applying them to web or mobile applications. We make user friendly, creative experiences for your customers

Data-driven UX

We can design and develop any website style or type to improve conversion rate. We integrate your brand with an effective customer journey.

Passionate about UI

We are passionate, personable and intuitive. We understand your users to determine UX and UI solutions that excel. 

UI & UX for Websites or Apps

App UI

Apps that are pleasant to use are inevitably going to attract more users. Enhancing the user interface of your app will increase the natural flow of traffic because customers are drawn to apps that provide an easy, enjoyable and effective interaction between themselves and the app. We also leverage various design methods that make a UI visually attractive and hold attention, as well as painting the UI with your brand colours to align the app with your identity. We will ensure your UI allows customers to quickly and easily access the value that your business provides.

App UX

App UX is also concerned with optimising the experience of the users. The primary goal of app UX is to solve the problem that caused the user to download the app in the first place, but not only solve the problem but also solve it in a way that is quicker and easier than the competition. UX could be considered the backend  and UI is the front end, they compliment each other and you cannot optimise one without the other. We can ensure that your UX provides a great experience for your users and turns them into loyal, repeat, valuable customers.

Website UI

An excellent user interface is going to turn visitors into customers through a seemingly effortless process. We will optimise the aesthetics of your site, ensuring the design and colour scheme attract and hold attention, as well as representing your brand. Just as crucially, we will work on enhancing the responsiveness, efficiency and accessibility of the website. There is no better way to convey authority than through a brilliant user interface. A good UI facilitates trust and competence. Websites with fantastic UI have more success, professionalism and conversions.

Website UX

UX on a website is extremely important because it is the process by which a website fulfils a user’s needs in a way that is easy, fast and efficient. We create positive experiences for users so that they come back, again and again. UX gives us an opportunity to understand your business objectives and design an experience that fulfils those objectives by presenting clear text, your value proposition as well as prominent and convincing calls-to-action. Our UX designs will support your business goals in ways you haven’t yet dreamt of.

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What is user experience and user interface?

UI is concerned with design and branding, whereas UX focuses on usability, ease of navigation, and the overall customer journey. Combined, they define the entire experience a person has with your business via a website or an app, and they can make or break your customer base.

Will improving UX and UI increase my profit?

Without a doubt. If you are going from a bad UI and UX to one designed by Otelli, you are going to see your users and conversions surge like never before dependent on traffic. Even if you have a good UX and UI already, we fancy our chances at improving them, and in turn, your profitability. 

If my business is small, should I still be concerned with UX and UI?

Definitely, any business with a digital front should focus on improving their UX and UI. If you compare a digital store to a traditional brick and mortar store, good UX and UI are the same as a store that runs perfectly, has friendly, helpful staff, looks appealing and gives you what you came in for hassle-free. 

How can I get started with UX and UI with Otelli?

You can begin by filling in our ‘Say Hello’ form or call us directly. One of our skilled and cheerful team members will have a provisional call to understand your industry, budget and goals. We’ll work out a roadmap and free trial to gain your business some lovely new customers.

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