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Website Concepts

Crosby Composites Website Concepts

Our concepts consider your preference for reading content in “one view.”

In concept 1, we have shown this with a “Scroll for more” function, as per the ‘Formaplex’ website.

In concept 2, we have shown this with a carousel, whereby the functionality could work on auto-rotation or the click of a mouse.

Our concepts have been designed to show a clean, classy and professional look. We ensure all of our designs have smooth, animated transitions, without compromising page load times. All of this contributes to providing a user-friendly experience.

These concepts are our first attempt to show you what your website could potentially look like. If you were to proceed with us, we would work with you to develop these concepts further and deliver a website that is responsive and mobile optimised. We believe that we would update and improve your online visual identity, and presence, to be more in line with your high-quality service, and products, that you provide to your clients.

Brand Colours & Guidelines

The colour palette that we have used is based on your existing branding to maintain your current visual identity. We can update or adapt these if you require. If we make any updates to your brand within the website build, including fonts etc., we’ll document these changes formally in your brand guidelines.







A little more on your branding...

If required, we can work with you on updating your brand to bring it more in line with the new website. By doing this, this would create a cohesive visual identity across all areas of your business. Your internal communications or outgoing marketing materials would then leave a lasting impact with any clients or employees. As an example, we have made an additional concept of a carbon fibre business card, to show how we could potentially evolve your branding and materials. Business cards made out of carbon fibre could provide a great first impression to a new prospect or client, whilst also providing them with the quality and feel of your product.

Other services we offer:

  • Creative Marketing
  • Video/Animation
  • Lead Generation
  • Brand Identity
  • Branding
  • 3D Animation
  • Events
  • Web/App Development
Otelli Marketing working with Crosby
Otelli Marketing working with Crosby