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Finance is a competitive sector, consequently, finance companies need to place an emphasis on digital marketing to ensure they are bringing in an adequate number of clients. It is imperative for companies within this sector to devise and launch a solid digital marketing plan, and if you don’t have time, you should outsource this responsibility. Without a strong digital marketing plan that covers PPC, SEO and website lead generation, you can count on your competitors overtaking you. In this article, we’ll look at these various aspects of digital marketing and explain how your finance company can benefit from them.

Chapter One: How do I get more Finance Leads From PPC?

If you are involved in marketing in any way, you have undoubtedly heard of PPC by now. This modern method of marketing is revolutionising in the way it uses your budget,  as you only pay a fee to the publisher once your advert actually reaches someone. 

If you don’t already know how PPC works, here’s a quick overview:

  • PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click
  • You post an ad on a publisher’s platform and each time someone clicks, you pay a fee
  • Offered primarily by search engines and social networks

Those are the basics of PPC advertising, but to really succeed through this method, you need to take it further. Finance companies in particular should be considering where they are posting PPC ads, as their target audience might be appearing on one channel more frequently than another. Making use of tailored, personalised and highly-persuasive ad copy is also a must for PPC ads for finance companies. The most sensible approach for finance companies is to delegate their marketing responsibilities to a dedicated firm or department, as success in this industry necessitates a strong marketing strategy. 

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Chapter Two: How do I get More Finance Leads From SEO?

SEO is another contemporary approach to marketing that achieves businesses some great results at a fair cost, sometimes even for free. This method involves designing a content strategy around relevant topics and focus keywords and then distributing the content across relevant channels. 

This achieves multiple things, but primarily it raises your brand awareness and generates a flow of traffic to your website. Also, the people that land on your website could potentially be interested in your services, as evidenced by the fact that they read your finance-related article. 

Chapter Three: How To Get More Finance Leads From Your Website

Your website is your main tool for capturing leads. All of your other marketing approaches culminate with your prospect arriving on your website. Your content strategy will bring people to one of your landing pages and so will your PPC campaign, therefore, it is essential to have the right measures in place on your website so that you are ready to capture leads for your finance company. 

Much can be said for the copywriting that is present on your website, as persuasive copy is one of the most powerful motivators in encouraging people to do things. To maximise your lead generation though, you need to ensure all of the elements of your website are working towards the common goal of capturing a lead.

For example, the UX and UI, which are the User Experience and User Interface, can be optimised to ensure the customers interaction with your website is easy, useful and enjoyable. But these can also be optimised to encourage users to take certain actions. Combine this with some cleverly worded and strategically positioned writing and you could have a powerful lead generation tool on your hands.

For help with PPC, SEO or turning your website into an efficient lead capturing machine, reach out to us today and we can help you get started.

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