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We take pride in producing beautiful photography for clients. Our clients see tremendous benefits from the photography we produce. By capturing a mood or vision in the form of images, we create  meaningful brand experiences that leave an impact on your customers and clients. We will understand your brand and design a photography strategy that will induce emotion, provoke the imagination, and ultimately, drive action. We offer creative photography ideas that will further your marketing objectives. Tell us where and when, or we can help find an on-brand location, and we’ll provide models, props, and photographers. 

No brief is too adventurous!

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Otelli Marketing working with Yamaha Music London on Advertising, Design, Photography. Otelli Marketing working with Yamaha Music London on Advertising, Design, Photography.

The effects of editing on your branded imagery… Go on, give it a slide

Why use Otelli Photography?

An Experienced Team

Within the team, we have 15 years experience in photography and video as well as strong connections with other film-makers to assist projects.

Creative Ideas

We have created multiple photography campaigns from scratch or using existing assets. Clients love our creative suggestions alongside their brief.

Branded Content

Engaging content requires consistent photography style and editing. We can provide these services to produce powerfully branded content.

Editing Services

We edit all video and photography in-house. We can use advanced photoshop and editing styles to suit your branded photography.

Otelli Photography

Lifestyle Photography

We can tell stories by capturing the art of the everyday.  Lifestyle photography is a beautiful genre because it frames your products and services in real-life situations and enables customers to relate to your brand. By causing people to imagine themselves in similar situations, lifestyle photography can be a vehicle for communicating key brand messages so that people can really experience your brand – this creates meaningful connections. We can find on-brand locations for lifestyle photography shoots that show your product or service being used in a real life scenario, allowing people to further identify with the product or service. 

Social Media Photography

Deploying high quality photography to your social media channels allows you to consistently broadcast your brand’s vision, gain attention, engage with your audience, and grow your audience. By finding exactly where your potential customers are and posting a series of images that connect with your core marketing message, you are widening your brand’s reach and inviting people to experience your brand through the careful invocation of emotional responses. Photography is at the centre of social media, therefore releasing great images will result in the online circulation of your branded visual assets, which in turn will gain you exposure and increased popularity. 

Product Photography

We guarantee to provide quality product photography that drives conversions and social media engagement. The human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than words, meaning your product images are even more important than descriptions when influencing purchase decisions. We can frame your products in a stunning fashion that will allow your customers to visualise what they are getting before it arrives, boosting desire and motivating a purchase decision. Remember, a great quality image improves trust and suggests that the product itself will also be of a great quality.

Editing & Photoshop

Today, editing and photoshop skills are essential for marketing. Advancements in technology mean that modern photographs are of an immensely high quality, skillful editing is what will give you an edge. If you compare a normal image to a professionally edited image using premium software, you will see that the difference is night and day. The standard is set in terms of photography, and your customers now expect a level of quality that only a professional team can deliver. You can have two photos of the same thing, but editing an image means creating something that no one can replicate. Learn to stand out from the crowd.

Otelli working in Photography with FAQS for clients. All about our photography studio in Nortjampton, booking and creative photography agency work.

Photography FAQs

Do you provide services for corporate event photography?

Yes, absolutely. We are the go-to photographers for many B2B events in the UK, such as races, corporate shows, speeches, expos, opening ceremonies, networking meetups, conferences, award nights, and many more. 

How long does a photoshoot take?

Our photography days follow the typical 8-hour working day. We can work for two half-days at the clients leisure depending on how much they need to shoot or if it’s multiple locations. We do offer free travel up to 50 miles from our Northampton office. We might even take you out for lunch!

What photography do you specialise in?

We are creative mavericks when it comes to photography, employing a wide range of shots and clips. We are not afraid to go the extra mile to meet a brief, our photographers have even been known to shimmy up lamp posts for the perfect shot!

Do you have a photography studio in your Northampton office?

Yes, we do. Our Northampton studio contains everything we need for the perfect shoot, from backdrops and greenscreens to props and lighting.  

How do I go about booking my photoshoot with Otelli?

You can begin by filling in our ‘Say Hello’ form or call us directly. One of our skilled and cheerful team members will have a provisional call to understand your industry, budget and goals. We’ll work out a roadmap and free trial to gain your business some lovely new customers.

Photography Showreels

The full works... a bit of everything we've done so far.

Lifestyle Photography

Product Photography

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