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Why use Pay-per-Click?

Pay-Per-Click can be used to drive your website to the top of search rankings quickly. You may have heard of it called PPC or CPC (Cost per Click). Whether used on search engines or social media it is a fantastic way to get exposure to a new website. Unlike traditional advertising, you only pay per website visit. We work flexibly on a range of channels (e.g. Google, Twitter, Facebook) to provide the best results within your budget. Pay-per-clicks main advantage is that you can control your own budget easily and gain immediate results. If it’s not working out you can switch up your customer targetting or pause your campaigns.

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What makes Otelli PPC successful?

Quality Customer Leads

We work flexibly on a range of channels (e.g. Google, Twitter, Facebook) to provide the best results within your budget.

Improving Your Site

We understand customer website behaviour using cutting-edge software. This enables us to work with you to improve your results.

Creative Ads

We create branded ads to improve Pay-per-Click engagement. We can edit, improve and re-vamp any videos or photography assets you already have.

Data-driven Tactics

We work with you to improve conversion rates and use data-driven techniques to constantly improve your results.

Pay-per-Click Tips and Tricks

At worst, a PPC campaign will drive greater traffic to your website. Your budget depends on how much you are willing to spend to get a sale for your website. You should factor into account factors like cost-per-click your average order value. Use manual bidding with a budget that you’re comfortable with. Don’t panic if your ad provider says you should be paying more just keep an eye on your average position. If your PPC rank is lower that 5 you will have to up your bid to remain competitive. Generally you’ll find competition dropping out as they max their budget throughout the day.

You can also refine your pay-per-click advertising by using tactics such as: removing negative keywords, manual bidding, adding single keyword campaigns and selecting time periods that your customers will search for you.

Insert keywords into your irresistible ad headline, in the body text and first or second line. Ensure you are offering potential customers a benefit that sets you apart from competition e.g. promos, free professional assistance. Make words stand out by using capitalisation in your ads and check your grammar and spellings adhere to editorial guidelines. Split test your ads where possible with a minimum of 3 ads in each ad group. Test your; keyword uses, imagery (if available), messaging and value proposition/offer.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on your analytics to see which ads are performing well and why. If there is a particular external demand try to attribute your conversions to ads and their features.

Lead Generation FAQs Otelli Marketing Graphic

Pay-per-click FAQs

How do I plan my budget and PPC efforts?

Stretch your operating budget by using the Google keyword planner tool. This will allow you to understand the cost of campaigns before trialling. Try to attribute costs to campaigns that will be most profitable in conversions, not just drive the most traffic. Google also has a traffic estimation tool to see if a single keyword could eat up all your budget.

How can I make my PPC ads competitive and within budget?

If you want to maximise the utilisation of your budget:

  • No more than two managed PPC campaigns are started.
  • Each campaign should not have more than three ad groups.
  • Each ad group should not consist of more than ten keywords.
  • Place your most popular keywords in a separate ad group.
  • Set the maximum CPC for that ad group £1 to £3 higher.
  • Create ads that specifically target your client base
  • Switch on the position preference and set it to positions 1-3
  • Select the accelerated option for the ad delivery rate.
  • Ensure that campaigns run during the best hours of the day.
  • Reduce the bid amount for less important hours of the day
  • Target your keywords geographically when possible

How do I find keywords I should target?

Think about if you were searching for your product or service, what would you search into Google? Decide on a product or services that satisfies a more specific niche that makes your product or service more competitive than market leaders. As you’re paying per click on each category, it is essential that your irresistible headline is backed up through your website. Clicks = Cost, Conversions = Revenue. The best advice for keywords selection is to keep them as specific and relevant as possible to your proposition.

What PPC industries do you work in?

We currently provide pay-per-click for:

  • Law firms
  • Solicitors
  • Estate administration
  • Will-writers
  • Life insurance providers
  • Business finance
  • Broadband providers
  • Transcribers
  • Construction and architecture
  • Gyms and leisure
  • B2B software and technology

How do I start working in pay-per-click with Otelli?

You can begin by filling in our ‘Say Hello’ form or call us directly. One of our skilled and cheerful team members will have a provisional call to understand your industry, budget and goals. We’ll work out a roadmap and free trial to gain your business some lovely new customers.

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