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Platform Development

We have built countless outstanding platforms for our clients and developed existing ones to be more advanced. These include; Social Media commerce, Apps, Websites, and Web/Mobile softwares. Whether building platforms from the ground up or developing on existing platforms, we are equipped to enhance your business and further your objectives. We welcome all creative ideas, and we can help you articulate your vision if you are unsure, or we can design proposals for new Websites, Apps, or Social Media channels. We will work closely with you to create on-brand, purpose-driven platforms that stay within your budgetary range.

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Why use Otelli for Platform Development?

App Development

We have developed commerce, appointment and comparison applications. These are perfect for a mobile interactive customer base.

Social Media Commerce

We develop social media channels to generate engagement and commerce and in distinct branding.

Website Optimisation

We can design and develop any website style or type to improve conversion rate. We integrate your brand with an effective customer journey.

E-Commerce Software

We can help your business find the right commerce software to assist marketing automation of your business.

What Platforms can Otelli Develop?

App Development

App development is crucial for any business mobile strategy. It helps your customers access your services more efficiently, strengthens customer engagement, cultivates loyalty, and offers a better user experience than a website. We have successfully developed appointment, commerce, and comparison applications that have served our clients well and are ideally suited to a mobile interactive customer base.  Mobile applications create a retail experience that is pleasant and easy to navigate for customers while simultaneously increasing the profitability of your business because people can go through the app to access your services instead of going through your customer services team.

Social Media Commerce

We design and develop social media channels to generate engagement and for use as commerce platforms in the distinct style of your branding. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook now have integrated commerce tools that you can use to sell your products. Seize the opportunity to make commerce a social experience and position your brand as a leader in this regard – the market is new and growing fast, the potential opportunities are staggering to those who see what’s coming. Social media commerce is a market that is worth just under £90 billion right now and is set to be worth over £600 billion in the next seven years. Do you really want to miss this gravy train?

Website Development

We can design and develop any website style or type with a focus on increasing your conversion rate. Any cool features you have seen on your competitors, we can make it happen for you. We can develop systems to integrate with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, so customers can book directly into your calendar, for example. By utilising various design methods informed by consumer psychology, we can hold the attention of your website’s visitors for longer and lead them towards a conversion. We will consider your goals to design a website that is going to achieve them.

E-commerce Software

We can kickstart your marketing automation by setting you up with commerce software that suits your business needs. E-commerce software simplifies and optimises online store management, allowing you to manage inventory, process payments, fulfil orders, and much more. The benefits of e-commerce software are almost innumerable. E-commerce development allows you to stay open 24/7, save time, money and resources, stock an unlimited amount of products, sell to anyone, anywhere, access built-in marketing tools, and so much more. E-commerce software can optimise your business processes in many ways, as well as automating various marketing tasks, giving you the competitive edge you need to succeed.

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Platform Developments FAQs

What platforms can you develop?

We can develop e-commerce software, web and mobile apps, websites and social channels to be used for selling.  Our platforms are designed with purpose in mind and exist to drive forward the marketing objectives of our clients.

How does developing new platforms spread my brand name?

Developing a new platform can help spread your brand name because you are providing people with more opportunities and locations to interact with your brand. If you broadcast your brand identity on a website, social channels and through an app, you are tapping into multiple digital audiences. Some customers may only use websites whereas others may prefer apps, so by having more options available you are widening your reach and therefore, accessing new potential customers.

Does creating an app have a good ROI?

90% of time on mobiles is spent in apps, and most people use their phones to do the majority of their purchasing.  If customers already want your services, then providing them with an easier way of accessing them is certainly going to be a good investment.

How do I start working in platform development with Otelli?

You can begin by filling in our ‘Say Hello’ form or call us directly. One of our skilled and cheerful team members will have a provisional call to understand your industry, budget and goals. We’ll work out a roadmap and free trial to gain your business some lovely new customers.

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