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Email Marketing

Statistics show that 80% of marketing professionals believe that email marketing increases customer retention. In a B2B context, email marketing is a fundamental driving force in building customer loyalty, boosting sales, educating prospects and upselling customers. Because B2B prospects require more nurturing to convert, email marketing is the perfect solution. We can deliver relevant, targeted and highly personalised messages by scraping data from social media platforms in a more cost-effective way than other agencies.

We also offer B2C email marketing services and we can design flawless email templates in builders and code so that your communications are branded and consistent. 

Take advantage of our free content and sequence writing, data analytics and a world-class customer service team who are on hand all day.

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Why use Otelli Email Marketing?

Competitive Pricing

We are cheaper than the competition, with prices as low as 11p per record. We ensure we source quality data. You won’t pay for data you don’t use.

Quality Customer Leads

Our strategic custom sequencing of emails ensures the right message is delivered, at the right time.

Data-driven Tactics

We work with you to improve conversion rates and use data-driven techniques to constantly improve your results.

Powerful Email Content

We write purpose-driven content that nurtures, persuades and converts. We use our tried and tested B2B to inform your own. 

Email Marketing Expertise

We extract valuable information from websites such as LinkedIn that we can use to inform our B2B email marketing decisions in a way that achieves your objectives. By optimising the efficiency of our scraping methods we are now cheaper than our competition whilst offering a better service.  Defined data scraping increases your business intelligence and allows for more effective decision making. For your brand, this means more engagement from your customers, more loyalty is facilitated and more conversions are achieved because you are reaching them through methods that are informed by relevant and high quality data. 

We write email copy that hits your targets. By helping our clients maintain their brand’s tone of voice and create a pitch tailored to their audience, we can reach customers more effectively in a way that encourages a response. As always, our methods are informed by the most relevant data to predict outcomes with accuracy and put your brand on a trajectory of success. We also produce bespoke B2C, branded email templates that compliment our written content and wow your customers. Our writing, along with the visual design of your email template, all serve to nudge prospects towards conversion.

Our B2B clients benefit greatly from our effective custom email sequencing, and the service is top-rated, particularly with clients targeting a niche audience.  By analysing relevant data, such as reply and open rates, we can optimise email sequences to produce the most leads for your business. We target prospects who are likely to be interested in your product or service and deliver a pitch that hits a home run. Effectively sequencing emails can mean the difference between establishing a connection with a potential customer, driving an action, or going straight into the spam folder. 

By performing split testing, also known as A/B testing, which identifies what works and what doesn’t through experimentation, we can run with the most effective content without wasting time and money on trial and error. Email automation saves you time and money by cutting down on administration and generating more leads using fewer resources, boosting profitability. We will work with you closely to ensure we are automating effectively by trialling send times, sequence lengths and content. Letting us take care of your email automation means you can spend your time sealing the deal on quality leads rather than administration.

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Email Marketing FAQs

How do I generate more business from email marketing?

Email marketing will help you generate more business because you are maintaining a connection with your customers, promoting your brand and increasing your sales, all in a low-effort and cost-effective way. It offers a way of speaking to your customers directly at a time convenient for them, so you can form a relationship with them and deploy persuasive messaging to acheieve a call to action.

How do I get more leads from my website?

  • Deliver personalised messages
  • Use expertly designed email templates
  • Split test 3-5 sequences 
  • Measure results by industry, company size and region
  • Ensure emails are mobile-friendly
  • Reduce your costs 
  • Automate and reduce administration using an agency

Reach out to one of our experts and we will gather some context, diagnose your issues and prescribe solutions that will powerfully enhance your email marketing.

How can I guarantee results from lead generation?

We produce quality customers leads for your business by using data analytics and working with you closely. We optimise our leads to find people who are only genuinely interested in your service. Our clients feedback which customers convert and which do not. We create a customer profile to retarget other lookalikes. We do not charge for leads that are not genuine enquiries.

Is email marketing GDPR compliant?

If best practice is followed, yes. We can ensure all of your email marketing complies with GDPR. We ensure we provide unsubscribe links and remove data when indicated by reciever. 

How do I start working in lead generation with Otelli?

You can begin by filling in our ‘Say Hello’ form or call us directly. One of our skilled and cheerful team members will have a provisional call to understand your industry, budget and goals. We’ll work out a roadmap and free trial to gain your business some lovely new customers.

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