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Video & Filming

Our clients see tremendous benefits from our filming services. No brief is out of our scope and we are happy to tackle any challenge that your business is facing. We will study your brand and gain real insight into your value proposition and what makes you tick, then. We will formulate a filming strategy that represents your brand in the best light and furthers your objectives. If you aren’t exactly sure what you need, we can help you articulate your vision and then bring it to life in the form of a compelling piece of film. Just tell us your goal and we will shoot to score.

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Video Interviews for client ‘Northampton Saints’

Why use Otelli for Filming?

Talented Team

We are creatively unique when it comes to filming. We are not afraid to go above and beyond to bring your vision to life. Our camera operators are known to shimmy up lamp posts for the perfect shot!

Editing Services

All of our film and photo editing is done in-house by our capable team of experts. We employ advanced photoshop and editing styles to produce outstanding pieces of film that suit your brand.

Creative Ideas

W don’t just read your brief. We study, dissect and absolutely immerse ourselves in it. We receive incredible feedback for our ability to generate ideas and enhance a brief in ways our clients hadn’t even considered.

Branded Content

Engaging content requires video, photography and editing. We can provide these services to produce powerful branded content. We have created high-performing film advertising campaigns from scratch.

Otelli Filming & Video Services


Conducting interviews is a great way to showcase what your brand is getting up to or to distribute news. We have interviewed players from our local rugby club, the Northampton Saints, for promotional purposes. Another powerful way to promote your product or service is through an expert interview. It is an established psychological fact that humans are persuaded by those who we view as experts, which makes sense. Using behavioural science by creating an expert interview favorably frames your product or service. If your brand’s offering is endorsed by someone who knows what they are talking about, your social proofing will be stronger.

Advert Filming

Video adverts are essential for businesses because they result in so many benefits. Your customers are watching video as it is the preferred medium in today’s world; over 4 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day. Statistical data shows that about one-third of people who watch a video advert will make a purchase afterward. We will get to know your brand and what you have to offer and then we can suggest ideas on how to capture some high-impact advert footage. We can direct or follow your brief from start to finish and produce an advert that you can be proud of. 

Product Demos

Demonstration videos are a great way to showcase a product to potential customers and demonstrate how it works. The demonstration aspect will enable customers to extract more value from your product and showing it off will encourage people to purchase. By introducing people to the product in this way, you are showing them what they can expect and causing them to imagine themselves owning the item. It is also the closest thing to sampling the product without having to travel anywhere and order anything, so people can get a good idea of whether they want to buy or not. Enquire about product demos today and see how we can boost your profitability.

Event Filming

We can capture footage of events like conferences, festivals, sports events and more. Whatever your business is getting up to, we can come along and capture some incredible footage to show the world what exciting things you get up to. This kind of real-life footage is also excellent for creating connections between a brand/company and its audience because it shows you in relatable situations that people can recognise. Not only this, but it will boost the likelihood of other companies wanting to work with you, as well as people who might want to work for you because they see your business doing all kinds of exciting things.

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Video & Film FAQs

Will you travel to me for filming?

Sure! We will even travel to you for free if you are located within 100 miles of our Northampton office. Alternatively if you need plain back drops or a green screen, we can film in our photography studio. 

Should I use film or photography?

It depends on what you are using it for. In terms of advertising, especially on social media, film is usually more potent because it is more engaging and therefore attracts more attention. However, film is slightly more expensive. We know our filming services are greater value for money than other agencies, it’s a fun day out the office for us!

Will using film for my products increase my revenue?

It certainly has the potential to do so. Advertisers use film and still images in a ratio of about 50:50, even though video drives significantly more engagement. You could undoubtedly gain your brand a competitive advantage by leveraging film for ads or product support.

If my company is small, should I still use film?

Size doesn’t determine whether or not you can use film. On the contrary, small businesses should exploit the fact that video ads attract more engagement than photos. If your objective is growth, a flawless piece of film that represents your brand amazingly will do wonders for your business.

How do I start working in website design with Otelli?

You can begin by filling in our ‘Say Hello’ form or call us directly. One of our skilled and cheerful team members will have a provisional call to understand your industry, budget and goals. We’ll work out a roadmap and free trial to gain your business some lovely new customers.

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