Data Analytics

Data-driven Web Design, Advertising, Lead Generation and Social Media exponentially improves results. We have the necessary software to understand advertising, website and social media performance, informing your decision making. Our clients are often unsure whether their website is performing. Our data analytics tools and web design quotes, help them make an informed decision.

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Why use Otelli Data Analytics?

An Experienced Team

Across the team, we have academic and industrial data analytics experience in improving sites, content and advertising.

Advanced Software

We use cutting-edge software to heat map, track, and record customer movements. Analytical tools report individual page performance and website hotspots.

Consistent Reporting

We offer regular reporting, in a vast range of measurables to inform any business decision. Our reports are defined, clear and concise and time-saving for clients.

Improved Results

We work closely with clients in collecting and analysing data to inform their business decisions. Data-driven campaigns are cost-effective and improve results.

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