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Data Analytics

Our data-driven approach to web design, advertising, lead generation, and social media massively improves the results we achieve for our clients. We have the necessary software to gain a deeper understanding of your advertising, website, and social media performance, and we can use these insights to constantly evolve your strategies and keep you ahead of your competitors. Our clients are often unsure how to measure their website’s performance, let alone improve it. We provide data analytics tools and web design quotes that help them make informed decisions. Data is one of your business’ most vital assets, and we can help you take advantage of this gold mine.

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Why use Otelli Data Analytics?

An Experienced Team

Across the team, we have academic and industrial data analytics experience in improving sites, content and advertising.

Advanced Software

We use cutting-edge software to heat map, track, and record customer movements. Analytical tools report individual page performance and website hotspots.

Consistent Reporting

We offer regular reporting, in a vast range of measurables to inform any business decision. Our reports are defined, clear and concise and time-saving for clients.

Improved Results

We work closely with clients in collecting and analysing data to inform their business decisions. Data-driven campaigns are cost-effective and improve results.

Data Analytics Services

This is undoubtedly the best approach to web design because it saves you the time and cost of a lot of trial and error. By analysing data and letting the findings drive the design of your website, we can ensure that your site caters to your user’s needs and provides a great user experience. We also use split testing, which is a way to improve web design through experimentation. We can measure the effectiveness of two ideas based on data as opposed to a person’s opinion, this eliminates bias and ensures that data always leads the way. Tech giants like Facebook, Google, and Yahoo have been exploiting data on human behaviour for years, leading to countless adjustments to their design and cementing their position as industry leaders. You can benefit from this incredibly powerful approach to web design to optimise your users’ experience and, ultimately, nudge them towards conversion.

Are you getting a good amount of leads but not enough of them are converting? We have a solution. Data-driven lead generation is revolutionising because it doesn’t just bring in any old lead but desirable leads. Remember, conversions are the ultimate goal, not leads. This is why data-driven lead generation is so vital for businesses. It focuses on quality, not quantity, by using sales and marketing data to target people likely to purchase your product or service. Unlike the human mind, data is unbiased and therefore offers clarity. We also use split testing to further improve the decisions we make for your business. This allows us to test two variants against each other, and use statistical evidence to improve each variant. We can put your data to work!

We can make you more money with data-driven advertising by identifying what works and what doesn’t before spending a single penny. By split testing ads, we can identify which ones gain the most clicks and run with them – we gather information from all digital advertising platforms from social media to search engines. A competitor that leverages the power of data-driven advertising will inevitably outperform your business by using an insight into customer behaviour to accurately predict future outcomes. By understanding consumer behaviour and using insights into how people interacted with your ads historically, as well as the ads of your competitors, you can create highly personalised adverts that are more appealing and meaningful to people. Data ultimately powers advertising. We help you to use it to gain advantage over competitors.

As with any data-driven marketing approach, we eliminate the arduous task of separating good decisions from bad decisions – enabling you to make the right decisions all the time. Social media is a great big data farm, and we can easily harvest the goodies by analysing what kind of content received likes, shares, and engagement and what didn’t. We then use that data to inform a posting strategy that will drive your success on social channels. This kind of scientific approach will invariably outperform a system based on gut feeling because it helps you to predict what will succeed and what won’t accurately.

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Data Analytics FAQs

What is data analytics?

Data analytics involves gaining a deeper understanding of your data and using that understanding to inform future decisions. This allows you to understand where you have historically succeeded and failed and focus on repeating the former while avoiding the latter.

What will data analytics do for my business?

It will optimise your decision-making and cause you to make fewer mistakes, saving you time and money. It will keep you ahead of your competition by enlisting the help of automation and AI. By identifying trends and patterns that would otherwise be missed, you can understand, predict and forecast.

What is split testing or A/B testing?

Split testing is a method of conducting controlled, randomized experiments with the goal of improving a website metric, such as clicks, form completions or purchases. Incoming traffic to the website is distributed between the original (control) and the different variations without any of the visitors knowing that they are part of an experiment. The tester waits for a statistically significant difference in behavior to emerge. The results from each variation are compared to determine which version showed the greatest improvement.

How can I start working in data analytics with Otelli?

You can begin by filling in our ‘Say Hello’ form or call us directly. One of our skilled and cheerful team members will have a provisional call to understand your industry, budget, and goals. We’ll work out a roadmap and free trial to gain your business some lovely new customers.

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