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Data-Driven Lead Generation

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What is Data-Driven Lead Generation and why should you care about it?

Data-driven lead generation is a game-changing development for business owners and marketing professionals because it not only helps you generate more leads but leads that are confirmed to be interested in your product or service based on their online activity. Many marketers feel that the lack of quality data they possess is preventing them from being successful with lead generation. That is why it is essential to be informed and prepared using data. This strategy puts quality before quantity, using sales and marketing data to target people likely to convert. By focusing on data and allowing what it reveals to drive your lead generation, you can make informed decisions that are not affected by human bias. Split testing allows you to gather even more data relating to what lead generation strategies are most effective. This method of experimentation puts two ideas against each other and determines which one performs the best based on statistical evidence. This allows you to see which one works well and how to improve each variant. 

Your website offers the greatest opportunity to capture data relating to potential leads, as you can install extensions and plugins that tell you who has visited your website, even if they don’t fill out a contact form. This means that you can easily collect data relating to prospects who have displayed some interest in your product or service based on the fact that they browsed your site. To really understand your buyers, you need to be using third-party and real-time data sets, for example, by using social media to access a prospect’s profile information. There are various channels and methods of obtaining data and which approach you use depends on what your business is trying to achieve and who you are trying to target. B2B marketers should be using LinkedIn as this is where professionals and decision-makers congregate, whereas an e-commerce business might target Instagram.

Creating a buyer persona to help you get inside your prospect’s mind is an excellent way to make educated guesses about their likes, dislikes and interests. The data you create through this exercise will be extremely useful for creating highly personalised adverts that play on their emotions and position your product or service as the solution to their problems. This buyer persona can then be enhanced dramatically by using data and statistical evidence to either confirm or deny aspects of your buyer persona. This enables you to create lead generation forms so impactful, personal and persuasive that potential customers will be compelled to give you their information. 

Otelli are experts at using data to create incredibly successful lead generation campaigns. 

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