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Instagram Marketing

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What is Instagram Marketing and why should you care about it?

Instagram is an extremely popular platform for marketing. With over 1.16 billion active users, it offers the perfect opportunity to gain some exposure for your brand.  Instagram is, of course, a photography-based social network where images, videos and graphics can be circulated. Being experts at graphic design and marketing, Otelli is equipped to design a content strategy that will spark conversation and generate engagement. By setting you up with a visually impressive business account in your brand colours, with a compelling bio and some prominent call-to-action buttons, we can establish a solid base for your Instagram marketing efforts. 

After getting to know your brand and what your business offers, we will brainstorm and analyse data to determine a suitable marketing strategy that aligns with your business objectives. Our in-house graphic designers, illustrators and copywriters can curate exciting and shareable content that your potential customers are sure to engage with, whether it’s a funny meme or a striking visual.  All of the content we create will be part of a thoughtful strategy that considers what your audience enjoys interacting with on Instagram. As we progress with your Instagram management, we will continually gather relevant data that provides insights into improving the campaign according to how people are responding. 

This ensures that we are having the most impact possible and achieving your objectives, whether that is lead generation or raising brand awareness and building engagement. We can also manage, moderate and respond to comments and messages to maintain a constant connection with your audience and potential customer base. Instagram is particularly well suited to marketing products as opposed to services, though service-based businesses should still have a presence on the platform. Because Instagram is centred around images and videos, it provides a perfect opportunity to market your products through some high-quality product photography or a demonstration video, both of which Otelli are experts in producing. Sponsored ads are also relatively cheap to run on Instagram, with good targeting options available to use. So if you want to build connections in a particular area or access a national market, Instagram’s targeting options can accommodate.

Instagram shopping allows you to set up a storefront that consumers can buy from directly, so you can market your products with high-quality images and videos and give people the option to purchase straight from the platform. Posts with product tags can be boosted using sponsored ads, resulting in a large number of sales. We will craft the highest quality ads, with professional photography and persuasive copywriting in the caption and monitor its success through Ad Manager. 

If you would like us to help you get started with Instagram marketing, you can reach out by filling in our ‘Say Hello’ form or calling us directly. One of our skilled and cheerful team members will have a provisional call to understand your industry, budget, and goals. We’ll then work out a roadmap that includes a free trial and then start gaining your business some lovely new customers.

Interested in gaining more customers? Say Hello

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