“They came in with their marketing skills and web experience and smashed my website! I was skeptical at first because Otelli contacted me first. I gave them a chance and I warmed to their charm through zoom calls - communication from the get-go has been fantastic. After they took a deep look into my business they guided me through what they could do. I'm so glad i chose Otelli to revamp the areas my business was lacking so i could get on with my own creative work. 5 Star. Thanks lads looking forward to doing more.”

Ross SilcocksManaging Director

Entirety Labs


New website and email marketing.

Services Provided

Web Design, Animation, Email Marketing

1.0 Background

Entirety Labs are event film specialists with over a 10 years experience in running video event video teams. Entirety Labs hired us to design a new updated website.

2.0 Website Design

We began by producing different website design concepts. The client wanted to stick with their already existing brand and colours of the red and black. Entirety Labs wanted the new website to have quirky features and video focused backgrounds to showcase their portfolio.

3.0 Portfolio

Below, you can see an example of Entirety Lab’s portfolio. The client wanted the main page on their new website to showcase all their content from festivals and live events to campaigns. Having these all on one page makes the website look professional but also easier to use for the viewer. The portfolio page shows a variety of video and image content.

4.0 Email Marketing

We created an email marketing campaign for Entirety Labs to acquire new business in the festival and events industry. Their target market is events agencies and independent festivals.

Website Design Comparison

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New Design (left)
Original Design (right)

UI Design Comparison

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Original Design (right)
New Design (left)
Concept 1
Concept 2
Concept 3
Portfolio Concept 1
Portfolio Concept 2
Portfolio Concept 3

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