UK Study Options


2D Video

Services Provided

2D Video, Collaborative Script Writing, Illustration, Animation

1.0 Background

UK Study Options required Otelli to produce a simple but highly effective explainer video on how they help expat families to achieve home fee eligibility.

2.0 Collaborative Script Writing

We worked alongside the client to put together a succinct informative yet easy-to-follow script for their 2D animated video, ensuring key processes were included to emphasise their professional methods and service.

3.0 Illustration

Once the Scriptwriting was finalised, we started to create 2D video assets, thee included Digitally hand-drawn illustrations that linked to the script, and we gave our client different style concepts to choose from. Having visuals animated with the content gives the audience a better understanding of the video.

4.0 2D Animated Video

Once we created all of the video assets we created a timeline and brought the animations together and synced the voice-over with the wording and animations on the screen. This produced the final professional explainer video that you can see below.

2D Video!

2D Video!