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WordPress Website Design

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What is WordPress Website Design and why should you care about it?

WordPress is the world’s leading web development platform and content management system, with studies showing that more than 30% of all websites use WordPress. Being highly flexible, this platform is suitable for building almost any conceivable website – whether that’s a blog, a portfolio or an e-commerce store – and users are given an incredible amount of creative freedom. There are many benefits to using WordPress for your company’s website design, one of which is that WordPress is so easy to use compared with other methods of website building and managing. Someone with no web development experience could easily add a new page, blog post or image following a two-minute tutorial. The platform is highly intuitive and designed for usability, which means that businesses save time dealing with tasks that were previously a lot trickier for novices, such as posting to a blog. 

WordPress is also a great option for web design because it is a browser-based application, meaning that websites built on the platform can be accessed and managed from anywhere using any device that has internet access. Multiple people can also access and manage the website simultaneously, with the included option of designating people as administrators and assigning them specific capabilities in line with their access level. Another huge benefit of using WordPress is that the websites built on the platform are entirely customisable and easily scalable. The aesthetics of a website can be changed with ease, either by moving things around and changing the web design or by installing an entirely new theme. This means that your website can evolve with your brand. Scaling is also easily achievable using WordPress because you can have literally hundreds of thousands of web pages and blog posts without your site’s performance being affected.

If you are opting to use WordPress for your website design and development, you should definitely consult with a team who specialise in this area, as things can get overwhelming very quickly. While it is easy to perform certain actions on an already built WordPress site, creating one from scratch is a whole different story. It can be very tricky and time-consuming to undertake this process yourself, not to mention the fact that the results will be sub-par. Hiring a team of experts means you are guaranteed to get a good ROI because you are enlisting the help of specialists who know how to get the job done efficiently using the budget you provide. Not to mention the fact that they will implement tactics to enhance the website that the layman wouldn’t even consider, such as optimising the pages for discoverability on Google. 

If you would like us to help you get started with WordPress website design, you can reach out by filling in our ‘Say Hello’ form or calling us directly. One of our skilled and cheerful team members will have a provisional call to understand your industry, budget, and goals. We’ll then work out a roadmap that includes a free trial and then start gaining your business some lovely new customers.

Interested in gaining more customers? Say Hello

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