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A simple guide to advertising and driving traffic to your website using social media, search engines and your own website.


If you asked all entrepreneurs or marketers what they’d like more of in the world, they’ll probably say “customers, “leads” or “enquiries”. It’s no secret that a good website can provide these (especially if you’ve read our previous blog). In this post, we’ll show you how to boost traffic to your site, after it’s all singing and dancing.

The key process is shown below. We’ll talk you through ads, channels, content, imagery and how to optimise your ads for the best results using both organic and paid.

Increasing Website Traffic

(Using Ads and Social Media)

We’ll talk you through ads, channels, content, imagery and how to optimise your ads for the best results using both organic and paid.

  1. Design Objectives
  2. Channel Selection 
  3. Content and Headlines
  4. Imagery and Videos
  5. Optimise and Improve

1. Planning and Objectives

To create a specific plan and design your objective, think about…

Who are you trying to attract? 

  • Demographics / Psychographics (Ages, location, interests)
  • Customer type e.g. New customers, previous customers, retained, interacted with your business
  • Lookalike audiences (share characteristics with your current customer)

What are you trying to achieve?

  • “Add to cart” or Purchases
  • Enquiries or Leads 
  • Email sign ups 
  • Phone calls
Set realistic targets on audiences you would like to test and a number of conversions within your budget. 

2. Channel Selection

Online Channels break down into Social Medias, Search Engines and Websites (including your own).

Social Media

Social Media can be used for different tactics to reach very different audiences particularly when using ads. To begin with, give your audience a clear direction from your social media profile. We will discuss the delivery of effective ads using content and imagery. Make sure you research demographics, user characteristics and guidelines/restrictions on all platforms.

Otelli Marketing blog - How to Increase Your Website Traffic

Search Engines 

Google has an extremely powerful data-base that you inadvertently have access to. Find your popular keywords relevant to your customer using Google’s Keyword planner tool. This will help you make well-informed decisions on your campaigns. For E-Commerce, don’t neglect the use of Google Merchant Centre. It’s a great way to place your products on Google Shopping and integrated platforms to dramatically improve your SEO. 

Your Website 

Focus on your organic SEO using meta tags, focussed content, product titles and keyword wording about your product or service. Ensure your site is speedy, up to date and has been crawled by Google. If you’re looking for quick wins to improve your site, make sure you check out our previous blog.

3. Ad Content

Write irresistible headlines on your ads. Even if the rest of your content is sound, the headline makes the decision on whether it will be read. Think about the thousands of ads you’ve seen today, how many of them captured your interest, and why?

Make sure you promote your own engaging content. You’ve spent time building out your social media profile with regular posts and good content. Try promoting these to your desired audience you pinned down earlier. Ensure your social media ad and profile links to your website using:

  • Catalogue/E-commerce links 
  • “Swipe Up” on your social media stories
  • Call to action for your website e.g. “Book Now”
  • Positivity in content and imagery

These concepts are great pointers for your paid ads on search engines and social media or even email marketing. Write irresistible headlines that capture audience interest and direct it to your website.

Otelli Marketing blog - How to Increase Your Website Traffic

4. Imagery and Videos

Like your headlines, make your imagery or video punchy, effective and engaging. Video can be an extremely powerful tool as it activates far more senses in the brain. An image can be digested in 1-3 seconds but a video can hold up to 1 minute on most social media platforms.

We will be producing an explainer on why your business should use video, so watch out for that!

If you don’t have video readily available, use branded, eye-catching imagery that will (and we love this phrase) – Feed break. You want that prospect to stop scrolling and LOOK. Powerful headings combined with eye catching imagery is the answer to generating impressions, clicks, website visits and conversions.

5. Optimise and Improve

The Otelli followers who read last week’s blog will start to notice a trend here, always optimise, always improve. There are some incredible tools out there that can measure all aspects of your ads and website performance. Use them wisely! Your conversion rate can always be better. You must test new content with new imagery. It’s a grind, but the rewards are certainly worth it. 

Otelli Marketing blog - How to Increase Your Website Traffic

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