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“Otelli have been absolutely brilliant from start to finish of our new website launch! The team are really helpful and flexible and totally understood the design we were going for but were able to come up with amazing designs that we hadn't even thought of! I have already recommended them to other businesses. Thank you so much for all your hard work on our site!!”

Sarah Chatterton, Head of OperationsGreen Energy Switch

Green Energy Switch


Logo, Branding, Website, Illustrations, Animations

Services Provided

Web Design, Branding, Photography

1.0 Background

Green Energy Switch or GES are an admirable company that specialises in void energy management and providing green energy to businesses and homes. They desired a quirky, animated website update that would impress all prospecting clients and home visitors.

2.0 Website Design

We began by producing website design concepts (seen in gallery below). The client desired to move away from a traditional (or in our words a bit boring) site that had few conversions and interactives.  A core part of Green Energy Switch is their mission and their hardworking team which we demonstrated in the new design. From there, we developed colours, typography and design elements that can be seen across the site. We also iframed a switching form belonging to their business partner who help homes and business go green.

3.0 Animations

We drew an array of branded elements that can be seen all over the site, including 3D globes, icons, motion graphics and even mouse-based parallax of the team jumping. All graphics were made through illustrations from scratch. GES recommended some simple graphics which can be seen on the services pages. We managed to be very creative on Home and About and brought the pages to life, check out the animations below!

4.0 Photography Work

GES desired professional team photos to give their about page and slick but inviting look and feel. We travelled up to their cute office in Peterborough and took some headshots, team photos and short videos. Check out our gallery below to see some of the photos taken.

Website Concepts

Concept 1
Green Energy Switch Website Design Concept 1
Concept 2
Green Energy Switch Website Design Concept 2
Old design
GES Home Old Site full page

Website Design Comparison

Feel free to slide to your heart’s content!

New Design

After finalising logos and brand elements, we begin to implement the design on site. See more using the website link above!

GES New Website GES Old Website
Original Design

You can see what a difference the new design has made. Content, imagery and branded elements break up the text sections.

Mouse-based Animations

3D Illustration  Work

Green Energy Switch Illustrations

Staff Photography