Film Sync


Branding & Web Design

Services Provided

Web Design, Branding, Illustration, Web Development

1.0 Background

Film Sync is a creative music video and production agency that sell its music videos to record labels for their artists. They desired a brand creating that represented their creativity and diversity between the urban world and nature. Think ‘Blade Runner and Neo Tokyo’ and a website that incorporates this while making it easy for labels to enquire about the films for sale.

2.0 Logo & Brand Design

We began by producing logo concepts that incorporated Neo Tokyo colours, and typeface variations. To ensure the branding related to the film/video production, the final logo incorporated a film reel.

3.0 Website Design

Our website design had to represent Film Sync’s creativity and diversity between the urban world and nature, in-line with our logo design. To achieve this, our design consists of parallax imagery, that evolves from ‘urban to nature’ illustrations as your journey takes you through the homepage.