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Branding, Illustration, Animation, Video,

1.0 Background

Mii Storage are a new storage company operating in West London. Their service is an incredibly customer-centric way to store items. They desired a video that showcased their service that sets them apart from competitors.

2.0 Branding

As a new brand, we assisted the client by developing an animation style that was cohesive with their existing logo and brand identity. Their favoured design was simple but colourful. Their brand elements surrounded professionalism and trust to assist their service.

3.0 Animation

We provided a range of animation designs with suggestions to the client. After choosing the design of characters, architecture and the world they live in, we began producing the video.

4.0 Video Production

The client provided a script, we proof read and improved it before selecting a voice. We usually offer 5 voices, dependant on client budget and brief. We provided a selection background music for the client to choose from.