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Brand build

Services Provided

Web Design, Social Media, Photography,
Marketing Automation, Data Analytics

1.0 Background

We built the brand ‘Otelli Clothing’ back in 2016. We quickly gained a small but hardcore following as we began to make sales. Since then, we’ve launched a successful e-commerce website and released over 100 products.

2.0 Social Media Content

Our social media following grew organically through exciting content. We regularly produced lifestyle and product photograph. We use our social media channels effectively as a source of entertainment and commerce for our customers. The result was spectacular content for a defined and passionate audience.

3.0 Marketing Automation and SEO

We have built our customer base through Google using website SEO. We  sponsored keyword searches to help customers find our products on Google shopping. These customers acquired are directly re-targeted on social media with ads and sponsored content.

4.0 Data Analytics

Data has been crucial to our success for Otelli Clothing. We track our website data constantly, as well as using advanced software to track customer movements. We heat map and measure all sessions to understand and retain our customers.