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2D Animated Video

1.0 Background

PECT (Peterborough Environment City Trust) is a charity that is helping to protect and enhance the environment. PECT aims to play a part in tackling these issues by delivering projects of local, regional and national significance. They required a 2D animated video to gain awareness of new legislation from 2035 meaning broken gas boilers will need to be replaced with heat pumps while showing the environmental benefits of heat pumps.

2.0 Asset Creation

Working with the PECT brand guidelines, the Otelli team created two different asset styles for the client to choose from. Both styles were professional yet friendly and relatable to the target audience.

3.0 Storyboarding

Using the client’s script which we amended accordingly for storytelling and call-to-action purposes, we began to storyboard the key frames of the video. We had to ensure that we visualised the script in an easily digestible manner for the viewer, explaining the problem, solution (heat pumps) and how the two different types functioned, and the benefits of using heat pumps for the environment and how much CO2 can be saved.

4.0 2D Animated Video

Once we created all of the video assets and finished the storyboard we created a timeline and brought the animations together and synced the voice-over with the wording and animations on the screen. This produced the final professional explainer video that you can see below.

Video / Animation  Work