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3D video

1.0 Background

Pulsar is a worldwide leader in ultrasonic instrumentation for wastewater, industrial, and environmental markets. They develop, manufacture and market industrial flow and level monitoring instruments. Pulsar required a new product launch video, to showcase the products functionality and USPs.

2.0 Story Boarding 

Using their brand guidelines and working collaboratively with Pulsar, the Otelli team set out to tell the story of the new product. Key requirements were outlined to ensure all key features were showcased in a succinct manner while ensuring a smooth flow between the transition of frames.

3.0 Asset Creation

Pulsar were able to provide their CAD files in order for us to work from, and create the assets and animations accordingly.

4.0 3D Animated Video

Once all the assets were created we began to create 3D animated video, again concentrating on smooth and effective transitions. Adding text overlay and 2D animations to showcase the product’s application usage. Finally, we timed some appropriate music to give the video that exclusive ‘trailer feel’ as desired by the client.

 3D Animated Video (60secs Teaser Trailer)