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Branding, Web Design, Applications, Animation, Illustration, Video

1.0 Background

BookaSkip hired us to take their business to the next level. We completely revamped their brand and made a customer-centric application that is loved by the trade. It is rated 5 stars on the App Store.

2.0 Branding

We wanted to make a brand that brightened up the everyday trade of getting a skip. The bright yellow was chosen as it has multiple links in trade. Brands like DeWalt, Stanley, and CAT can be seen with a similar colour scheme. This improves customer familiarity and trust in the brand.

3.0 App Build and Web Design

Below are previews of the BookaSkip App. It is extremely user-friendly, easy to use and quick for the customer. It uses live tracking so customers can track their skip easily post-booking. If you are interested in having an app built, feel free to Say Hello.

4.0 Data Analytics

Data Analytics is constantly being used post-launch to improve app and website performance. The app is currently in a beta phase and we listen closely to customer experiences to optimise their journey.

BookaSkip Video Explainer

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Bookaskip app building by Otelli Marketing