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Web Design, Animation, Branding

1.0 Background

Flexi Meeting is an innovative meeting space company changing the industry landscape of how people meet in the UAE. They desired a slick, informative website that would impress all prospecting clients.

2.0 Website Concepts

We began by producing design concepts (3 concepts in the gallery below). The client desired to show off the UX of the product and show how it can be useful to prospects. Their brand colours were techy-style purple and flow drawings. We used different elements for the client to choose from.

3.0 Website Design and Content

As a new website, we agreed on structure, presentation and tone of voice. After researching and understanding their product, our content writers developed short, snappy and easy to read unique selling points. These were signed off by the client and we designed the animations and graphics to support the pitch.

4.0 Blog

Another, aspect of the site was the desire for a tech blog that delved into the meeting industry and the reasoning behind the product. We designed the blog to be engaging and trained our clients to add future posts.

Website Concepts

Concept 1
Flexi Meeting banner 6
Concept 2
Flexi Meeting banner 8
Concept 3
Flexi Meeting banner 7

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